The AWF fuel feeder with backflush function and new, linear feed.

  • Fully automatic fuel feeder with backflush function for 4-8 suction tubes
  • Manual fuel feeder with backflush function for 3 suction tubes.

The compelling advantages of the AWF fuel feeder

The fuel feeder has been developed in line with customer requirements, and its functions have been tailored to the local conditions. The position and shape of the storage room is no longer a problem – and there is no more need for a slanted floor, either. The system takes up little space and also eliminates the need for loose cables in the storage room.

The AWF fuel feeder can be installed easily, quickly and flexibly without any additional planning.  It enables the storage room to be emptied evenly and removes the need for a screw conveyor in the heating room. Other advantages include an intelligent, automatic backflush function to unblock the pipes, as well as the possibility of multi-zone control.

The innovative AWF fuel feeder is used by renowned boiler manufacturers and has proven its worth many times over in many different fields of application. It is available in two versions to meet different requirements: with an external control system or as a boiler control system.

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