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Not just in the automotive sector, but in the field of modern architecture and building design with its new Audi terminals.

Each one is a work of art in itself: an impressive aluminium façade with a striking presence, which visually communicates the company's unmistakable brand image to the outside world. For this unique metal façade, AWF worked closely with Audi to develop a completely new, patented, modular system, which was adopted into the company’s master plan as an optimum solution in autumn 2009.

We use all our experience to ensure a smooth construction process, starting from the initial planning stage. AWF also supports you with optimisation measures and takes care of all construction documentation. 

These optimisation measures offer you various advantages:

  • efficiency and cost-saving potential
  • perfect visual appearance
  • highest quality standards
  • detailed solutions

In addition to offering its aluminium honeycomb panels, AWF is the only company to provide a patented all-in-one system. The most suitable system for the design of your building can be selected from the different versions offered by AWF. Whether as a competent system supplier or an experienced partner for handling Audi projects and all their requirements: 

with our unique façade system, we have already been able to complete many magnificent projects with 100% customer satisfaction.

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